This year, the festival is working with four charities, which represent our programme’s four main areas of focus: The Environment, Social Responsibility, Social Inclusion and Animal Rights.

Our nominated charities are:

10% of all money received from sponsors will be donated to these charities.

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Scottish detainee visitors

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The Hidden Gardens

Hideen gardensThe Hidden Gardens is an award-winning unique public greenspace and community development organisation located in Pollokshields, one of Scotland’s most diverse communities. The space exists to promote understanding between people of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds, and celebrate the universal spirit of nature. In addition to being a beautiful greenspace where people can relax away from the busy city streets, the Gardens is a place of learning and exchange; a place where people can come together and share stories, skills and histories. They support individuals to play a full and active role in society by reducing social inequalities, improving health and wellbeing and inspiring creativity.


WestGAPWestGAP is an anti-poverty community group run by and for people in Glasgow who have first-hand experience of living in poverty. They provide a free, independent and confidential advice service covering welfare rights as well as support with housing problems, fuel poverty, homelessness and a wide range of other issues. They are not funded by government, and are not part of any political party or organisation. Operating on a collective basis, they have an active commitment to equality and an intolerance of sexism, racism and homophobia, and of discrimination based on disability, age or class. They also offer training to other organisations.

Scottish Detainee Visitors

Scottish Detainee VisitorsScottish Detainee Visitors (SDV) is an independent charity that supports people detained by the immigration service at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre, and seeks to influence policy on detention. With the support of two part-time members of staff, their volunteers travel to Dungavel twice a week to visit people detained there and offer practical, social and emotional support. They also work to raise awareness of immigration detention and to challenge the UK’s system of indefinite detention.

Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre

Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust, founded in 1986, cares for injured and orphaned wild birds and animals, with the aim of returning them to the wild. As the demand for wildlife care has grown, facilities have been added, including an intensive care unit, a hedgehog hospital, a seal/swan hospital and bat facility with flight tunnel, and many aviaries and enclosures for rehabilitation. The centre treats approximately 3,000 casualties a year. They are proud to give wildlife casualties the treatment, care and time they need to make a full recovery.